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Prototype 23rd Apr 2023, 7:47 PM edit delete

It is easy to forget that Busty is actually a hot space police officer boob woman and as such knows all kinds of investigation techniques.

Who is that woman that Busty is violating? If you've paid attention to details you might be able to figure it out.



That's something I haven't seen before


Now you've seen it, you can not unsee it.


Boobs are especially sensitive. They are a magnificent investigation resource. CSI:Boob coming soon.


A spying, purple people creeper?


I long suspected I'd seen those orifices before.


The song says, "It was a one-eyed, one-horned, flyin' purple people eater" I suppose there's some room for imaginative descriptions by 20th Century hillbillies. At least they got the purple right.

This one also takes the concept of titty-fucking to an all-new level. But who got titty-fucked? I have my suspicions, but since I'm always wrong, I'll wait for the inevitable reveal. I don't remember ever seeing a gold star coochie tat on the one I suspect.


It's more a belly button jewelry thing than a tattoo. If you flip back a few pages you will see it belongs to Fap scientist Smiri.


Durrrrr.... I was so wrong. Thanks for that, and for correcting my faux pas on the comments page!


We know those boobs of that woman better than her name, but anyway, she is a hindu scientist.


Ha-ha yes. She is the one.


Know what's even more embarrassing than forgetting to put my name on my first comment, and then thinking I knew who was being titty-fucked and being wrong? The most embarrassing thing is being told who it actually is; a character I helped name! Good thing you keep the comments around on each page, or I'd have probably forgotten that as well. Senior moments, indeed... more like CRS disease. (Can't Remember Shit)


You were probably distracted by the generous boob bondage on this page, causing temporarily confusion. It happens. I'm sure when Smiri returns to the comic she will most likely forgive you. Maybe.

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