Page 377 - Scrratch
Page 377 - Scrratch

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Prototype 30th Apr 2023, 6:56 PM edit delete

The origin of those strange goo creatures are explained a bit on this page, but there is still much mystery around that so called "Skank Engine" and its purpose. When Busty is firmly stuffed inside that hole we might get to see the machine in action.

No regular updates for a while, but Busty will be back.



Guess we'll see you when we see you! Thanks for this update!

That may be the worst abuse we've seen yet to Busty's funbags. Those teeth gotta hurt! And again, Busty is looking at being shoved into a pipe. Last time, she got the tit bondage after being fisted into a pipe, and ended up in a garbage heap. (still one of my favorite images!) This time, the clamps are already on in advance.

It actually says a lot for the artwork and storylines that I've gotten so invested in following. I completely understand the need for time for more profitable ventures, though. Hope to see more again soon.


Hey thanks, glad the strange mixed soup of story and perversions work out. There are a lot of stuff and characters that should come to its conclusion with this chapter so i'll be spending the off time to plan it out more.


So is the skank engine anything like the skunk works? Just that one makes jets and the other makes sluts?


I think they have enough skanks and sluts in that wall so they don't need to make any more. The mysterious "Skank Engine" has another purpose.


Those are some seriously abused ta-tas. Hope things are going well for you, and we will be here when you get back!

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