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Prototype 29th Dec 2015, 7:49 PM edit delete

A lot of stuff on our bodies are unique, like eyes and fingerprints, so I figured that in the future and in SPACE every pair of boobs are also special and emit a special frequency that can be tracked using the right equipment. Anyway, in this mini episode of Busty Solar I wanted to play more with different and varied locations as I in the past have found myself being trapped in the story. Basically spending too much time in the same place. In the main story I must have had 50+ pages in a god damn sewer which isn't really fun for anyone.



Wouldn't Busty interfere with the boob signal?


I'm sure there is some slight interference, but luckily the scanner can be calculated to follow a specific boob channel.

logan force

I recognize that lady!


He-he Glad you did! :)


Yes! I see it in the background! I am excited for the next thrilling installment!!


Amazing work on the stairs and railings!!


Great background detail. Looking forward to this adventure.

El Cid

"Um... just doing random hooker stuff. Don't mind me!"

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