Page 04 - Skank on Duty
Page 04 - Skank on Duty

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Prototype 22nd Nov 2015, 7:09 PM edit delete

So here is the start of episode 2 where Busty goes undercover as a hooker.

Ellies snarky comment at the end is meant to give a more varied view of Busty other than the more common theme of everyone in the comic loving her (and her boobs). It is also meant to give Ellie a little more of a personality. An attempt anyway.



Less cloths & more makeup equals skanky. Jewellery with slut in large letters would also help.


I love the corset on busty. I'm really hoping to see her get titty fucked in that corset and perhaps gangbanged. That would be fitting.


Oh, Busty will definitely get some action in that outfit.


Harsh Ellie.

El Cid

She'll blend in just fine.


She doesn't need to try.


That sass from Ellie is great; some sparks like that is way more interesting for both characters! Love seeing Ellie too

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