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The cover is a nudge to the old classic comic covers like superman/Batman that would paint some crazy scenario (Batman turning evil etc) to hook people into buying the issue, and then the actual cover plot is breezed through quickly on one page. It's misleading, but in a fun way.

So it's the same with this Busty Solar cover. Busty isn't actually gonna become a full time space hooker, more like an undercover hooker for the sake of the mission. The results in any case is probably gonna be just as raunchy though.



I would comment that for this new role her outfit is udderly appropriate. I would ask however, given the roles she has played so far. This is a change in what way?


Oh yeah, apart from the job title, the change would probably be pretty subtle.


Well if she's a hooker now maybe she'll actually get paid for it? That'd be new. Normally it's kinda rapey


Dunno, I think the change of career would do her good. More money too.


Honestly I'm not sure anyone would notice the difference.


like that outfit Busty is wearing


I applaud Busty's commitment and think she'll do okay. Very nice page.

man in black

So her minus the badge then?

El Cid

Well, is she's going undercover as a trollop, she'll need an appropriately trollopy name. Howsabout 'Busty?'


Haha! A very silver age or golden age sort of cover! Gorgeous pic of Busty too!!

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