3-13 - Urine-luck
3-13 - Urine-luck

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Prototype 24th Jul 2011, 7:38 PM edit delete
The idea for this, mildly, amusing page appeared out of nowhere in a dream. Unfortunately it doesn't tell us any important message but mostly deals with urine.



hey, you never know. What if those two animals needed to die. Maybe if they lived they would have spread their genes that made them immune to a certain plauge that would wipe their species out later creating an overpopulation of immune frogs and squirels that would have taken over the earth and stunted the growth of humanity and civilization as a whole. The chief could have just saved the entire time stream!!!


Phew, what is that guy drinking?

Fistus Maximus

"...and that squirrel critter thing."
"stop urinating animals to death!"

okay, this one actually made me laugh out loud ^^

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