Page 301 - Bath time
Page 301 - Bath time

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Prototype 28th Jun 2020, 2:04 PM edit delete

It's nice to have Busty get some relaxing quality time now and then, although it rarely last long. In this case a sea creature has turned his attention to Busty. I wonder what it wants?

This comic is still on some kind of summer break, so updates are gonna be rare and sporadic.



Don't use your teeth when eating her pussy!

logan force

She's gonna get eaten out


Teeth. So many teeth.
So, why do I feel like this is one of Critter's favorite fishing holes? And why does Busty look so much like bait?


Ha-ha i like the idea of the critter plotting and planning to get Busty eaten. That would actually have been a really good plot. The critter isn't that smart and sinister unfortunately.

man in black

He knows what is in the water


That's really interesting. I was actually only having the critter being skeptic of the water, being wet, but him actually sensing something in the water is great.


It's kinda nice, nice plump juicy prey just floating in the water.


She's about to be "snatched" again it seems. dun dun dun dun


Poor Busty. Just as she was getting Dirty.. Er, Clean... Er, Dirty...


It's really very very easy to concentrate on Busty, and I really enjoy that! BUT, observant eyes notice things like the red critter and blue critter who are watching what happens. I'm even more sure this is a critter-favored fishing hole.
But, of course, I'm almost never right about this stuff, so let's just hope that Busty doesn't lose anything lovable!


I almost expect the toothie beast to pop up out of the water and say with a upper class British accent, ā€œI say, could you please not indulge in your base self pleasuring where iā€™m trying to bathe? The essence from that well used and filthy orifice you call a vagina is polluting the water.ā€


Ha-ha oh wow. That is a really great. Very funny. Is it ok if i just completely use that?


Go for it.


nice page,looks pretty cool.


Hey thanks!

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