Page 300 - Dining out
Page 300 - Dining out

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Prototype 25th Apr 2020, 1:08 PM edit delete

The little critter may have been tastier and healthier to eat but I'm sure some grilled creep that's been exposed to toxic trash won't affect Busty much. Probably.

That ends this chapter. Hope you enjoyed the pervy silliness that's been served. This comic is now on a break as i work on other stuff. Thank you for reading!



You had me for a second there XD


While I loved the range of views of Busty, I absolutely LOVED the range of expressions of Critter! Let's see, there's "Aw, shit", followed by "Aw, shit", and then "Aw, shit!" OK, so it's all in the way you say it, but you know what I mean...

Enjoy the break, get the bills paid, and come back soon! I'll be waiting, trying to look patient.


Glad you picked up on the expressions. I have a neat idea for the critter going forward so should be fun.


You've been updating like mad! I cannot wait for the next chapter. :D


Love this page's parody of the "A Boy and His Dog" conclusion. ;)


Thank you for another great and funny chapter! See you soon (I hope) :)


And now she has a cape too! And no critters just aren't meaty enough compared to creep.

El Cid

Thank you for posting! I was going to say that Busty looks kinda classy in that cape... and then the whole cannibalism thing happened...


Cannibal cuisine 101:How to serve thy fellow man(etc)


Curious on how Miss Solar finally gets home.


Let's hope the cloak isn't made to last.

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