Page 299 - Free the boobs
Page 299 - Free the boobs

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Prototype 18th Apr 2020, 8:46 AM edit delete

Busty is finally free from her Boob bondage. She better cherish this moment as it probably won't last long before those tittes get more punishment. As for that funny little critter, it could become Busty's little companion pet or it could get killed on the next page. Who knows.

I made a panel of the critter biting "lovingly" on Bustys left boob, but i decided to remove it as it seemed a bit too aggressive.



So, looks like little critter is little after all, just all teeth and claws and boing. But, he eats metal! I can see that being handy at some point. Hope Busty can stay friends with little critter!

Hmmm... wonder if he's related to the tooth monsters in the pit? Seems like lots of teeth on a planet run by robots...


I hope to introduce lots of strange creatures, monsters and pervy situations now that Busty must travel this unknown world.


Let's hope its mating desires don't go past it's own species.

man in black

Hopefully that's the only thing he wants

El Cid

Her boobs are free, but now she has fleas.


Her furry little friend.

re: bonus deleted panel
I'm glad you decided to forego this panel. Just maintaining the continuity in the strip of Busty's missing boob would have been a huge pain, and honestly, missing half her charm would have been a wee bit off-putting. Some things are just meant to be served up in pairs.


Oh i definitely wouldn't have gone that far. The critter would just have left some bite marks. I'm to boob fixated to have any of her funbags removed.🙂


When is the next chapter


Next page will be up on Saturday. (25 Aug)

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