Page 298 - Mr Critter
Page 298 - Mr Critter

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Prototype 11th Apr 2020, 11:36 AM edit delete

Outside in the wild barren landscape we find Busty as dirty and tied up as before. She may have found a new friend though. Or not.



Knowing her luck it's either going to fuck her, try to eat her or die horribly in front of her.

Or I suppose all of the above...


Ha-ha yes. All of the above seems likely.


I think Fusion may be right.

I'm going to guess fresh killed creep may be a better meal than something that fights back, though. I'll wait until I see how much more of "little critter" there is than what's visible now.

Are those two moons? Or two red stars? We're definitely not in Kansas anymore, Toto.


Two moons or nearby planets. Busty is currently on Baron Space Face's planet but where that is related to everywhere else in this comics galaxy is a bit dodgy. I have no idea.


Wouldn't it be interesting if the creature ate the creep, then started seeing Greg?


ha-ha, that would be an interesting twist. Like Greg is some kind of virus entity or parasite in his body.

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