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Page 294 - Miss Fantastic

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Prototype 28th Mar 2020, 4:50 PM edit delete

When it comes to Jennys slimy combat skills i very much based it on Mr fantastic from the Marvel comic "Fantastic Four". I thought of also giving her some T-1000 "Terminator2" powers as being a blob Jenny could technically form parts of herself into different shapes. However i don't think she could actually create an axe that is of any use. It would just be kind of soft and not actually cut anything.

What? Bud and Bradford got eaten by the monsters? Oh whatever.



These, and other terrifying questions, will be answered in the next episode! Tune in again next week, same time, same channel!

I'm holding out hope that Bud and Bradford are hanging on the wall by their dicks...


Ha-ha Hanging by their dick. That would have been quite the stunt. Bradford might have been able to do that actually, but Bud is a bit challenged in that area.


2 pervs served for lunch? Yikes.


Clear out all those excess characters. They've served their purpose.

Daaaamn man I forgot how dark you go with these stories 😅

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