Page 293 - Who's that Girl?
Page 293 - Who's that Girl?

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Prototype 21st Mar 2020, 4:00 PM edit delete

The mysterious boob girl is revealed to be some kind of blob thing. What is that all about? Long time readers will actually have seen her before, but it was some time ago back in 2014 we saw her last. Her parents are Amy (human) and Gene (blob) and here it seems she has grown up and is putting her slimy blob skills to practical use. Good for her.

Just how space and time works in this comic is a bit unclear and dodgy but I'm going with that blobs age and mature much quicker than the regular human. Otherwise Busty would have spent 18 years in the slave mines which seems a bit extreme and unfair.

Check out THIS PAGE for the page where Jenny is "born".



She didn't melt in acid piss. Huzzah!


Oh yes. Just how they escaped the acid is a story for some other time. (i have no idea how they escaped..)


I did NOT see that coming. Well played, sir!

And she even grew up looking just like Mom and Dad!


Yup, the good looks of her mother and that colorful and radiant skin color from her father.


They grow up so fast. Blobs could mature overnight. It is all just protoplasmic goo.


Seems to me she could be an excellent fighter.


Yeah, she will be doing some "slime combat" on the next page.


Do we call those globes on her chest "bloobs" ;-)

Jason Moon

Oh wow, Jenny has skills ;)

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