Page 292 - Boobs in the shadow
Page 292 - Boobs in the shadow

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Prototype 7th Mar 2020, 2:38 PM edit delete

Some mysterious boob woman is hiding in the shadows. Her identity is a secret for now but she has actually appeared in this comic before, a loooong time ago. If she intends to save Bud and Bradford she better hurry up however as Bud is about to be served to the monsters.

What? That spider creep died? Oh whatever.



Well, OK, spider creep was expendable. It will be interesting to see whether the teeth monsters can survive eating him or not. Nice splashback, though!

As for mysterious boob woman, I have a theory about her identity. I'm not saying anything more, though - I don't want to influence the script, or have my dreams dashed again!


It's gotta be Amy! It has just got to be Amy! The Boob Patrol rides again!


Gaaahhh... you made it a cliff-hanger! Or is that a Bud-hanger?


Ha-ha yes. A nasty cliff-hanger.
I can reveal that it's not Amy. It does look like Amy however so what is up with that? What a mystery.


I shall take care of them! you may die with good thoughts now!

El Cid

I don't know whether I'm rooting for or against these two creeps getting splorted as well... but I am absolutely rooting for boobs!


I'm going to say Amy.


this could be one of the messed up busty clones in the shadows.

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