Page 36 - Working in the mines
Page 36 - Working in the mines

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Prototype 3rd Jun 2018, 5:53 PM edit delete
Busty meet a potentially new friend during dinner break. There's Bud and Bradford also, two old characters that haven't appeared in a while. Doesn't look like they're planning to go on any rescue Busty mission any time soon.

This is the fate of Busty as voted by YOU dear reader and that is the end.

Thank you for reading!



And this is why you don't leave the voting up to the readers, we are all clearly idiots.


Busty isn't happy about it that's for sure, but it fits with the comic. Things always gets miserable for her.


If she's happy to be getting mud for dinner, that must mean there are lots of days when they get served something a lot worse than mud. Let's not speculate on what that something could be.


Oh yeah, I'm thinking all they ever serve is various variations of sand and dirt. So mud is probably the better meal of the bunch.

El Cid

Things are looking up for Busty. She has steady employment, a roof over her head, and three square meals a day. Good to see Bud and Bradford again. Bradford's healed up nicely!


But its chocolate fudge mud!

Eli Cosmanis

That look says it all.


So the comic is over, no sequels or anything else?


The end for now anyway. I just don't have the time to work on Busty Solar at the moment. It became too time consuming.


Can you give us a hint as to when Busty will return? :)


No idea when or if at this point. Right now I'm doing new pages for the Tomb Raider comic. Since that is paid commission work, it has priority over Busty Solar that is strictly free time hobby work.


Where can I read your Tomb Raider comics? :)

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