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Prototype 27th Apr 2018, 12:13 PM edit delete

Busty takes a refreshing bath in the re-generation soup which is apparently juiced up with some radioactive waste. Let's hope the side effects are minimal.



She'll become the Toxic Boob-enger.

El Cid

Fresh out of body harnesses? Not that anyone's complaining.


Busty Solar, police office, undercover hooker...searching for a way to tap into the hidden hornyness that all humans have.

Then an accidental overdose of radioactive waste alters her body chemistry. And now, when Busty Solar grows horny or outraged, a startling metamorphosis occurs. She turns into the Incredible Busty!!

The creature is driven by hornyness and pursued by an boob-loving robot for a murder her boobs committed. Busty fight to clear her name and to contain the raging horny beast within.


Ha-ha yes, that would be something to go with. 😀


Green glowing, mutagenic breast milk. When she's angry she morphs into a huge dick girl with a huge dick, ready to dick over whom ever angered her.


Her huge dick becomes a weapon!!!

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