Slave Busty
Slave Busty

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Prototype 2nd Mar 2018, 4:24 PM edit delete

The hot and steamy voting is over and the most popular option was Slave Busty!

This means that in a not so distant future Busty will be sent to the slave mines to dig for crystals and other stuff that Baron Space Face needs for his Robot factory. I'm sure it will be an absolutely miserable experience for Busty.

Sausage Busty proved to be quite popular also. I'm open to having one of the upcoming evil Busty clones to feature a meaty third leg, which perhaps could present some interesting (and naughty) situations.

Milking Cow Busty got some interest as well. I'll be sure to add some excessive milking here and there on future pages, and perhaps make a short story with Busty as a Cow girl. Could be wild.

Thank you for your votes and comments. Very interesting to read all the different views and opinions.

Bonus artwork and other extras are available at my patreon page!




I’m assuming you checked to see that everyone who voted had unique ip addresses and weren’t stacking the vote in their favor.


Yeah, it's pretty accurate! More or less.


Well, its not the one I voted for but I'm just glad she's getting her arms and legs back ^_^


I concur, I was hoping for a option 1 and option 2 combination.


I will happily settle for a combination of options 2 and 4. A pair of sausage Busties DPing original Busty still sounds like fun.


That could definitely happen. It would be a total Busty party! 😀

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