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Prototype 18th Feb 2018, 2:45 PM edit delete

On this radioactive page we cut back to the alien creeps and some kind of plan for revenge. Possibly this involves creating some new Bustys using her arms and the toxic waste. Probably not gonna go very well.

This whole side plot is based on ideas by reader and fine fellow "JustJoe49". So if Busty is forced to do battle or have sex with a clone further on in the comic you know who to thank or blame! 😀



Uh-oh, Olga licked the toxic/mutagenic goo. She'll probability either grow a cock-tounge or a 9 inch long tounge. Nice radioactive effect.


Busty toxic avenger! Toxie with tits.

man in black

Maybe the plan will work


The Busty Avenger! It's tit for tat time!

El Cid

So is Olga now going to grow a conjoined twin from her tongue?


awesome first panel

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