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Prototype 26th Jan 2018, 10:16 PM edit delete

This page has a plenty of boob action but also some mystery thrown in. TOTNOX, the leader of the alien creeps along with OLGA, the licking lesbian survived the robot attack, and with them they carry Busty's ARMS!!!

Now I'll be honest i had no really idea or direction for them bringing the arms with them other than it seemed strange and weird. But then a reader named "JustJoe49" asked the question "What if Busty's severed arms each grow another Busty?"

What if indeed. Would the copies just be mindless zombie Busty's or somehow grow into separate intelligent beings? Would they be used as assassins or just sex slaves?



Well there would be two so maybe one assassin and one sex slave? :O


Would be nice if they grew up with a choice. But their "parents" might have a set career path for them.


Stealing limbs is really low guys. But what if all each arm grows is just like a boob and a head? These things never do work out right.


Seems likely that one Busty twin turns into some kind of freak monster!

El Cid

Those dastardly limb thievin' miscreants! So, will this be the birth of Cyber Busty?!


Things will get worse before they get better!


Why not independent, intelligent, sexy, assassins, masquerading as sex slaves?


I don't know if this comic is ready for independent and intelligent women just yet! 😀


Well, as independent, and intelligent as the real Busty. And as for her arms, at some point she could regrow her arms just like her arms grew new versions of her. Baron Space Face's planet seems like just the sort of place where leaky drums of industrial strenght mutagenic goo may just be left laying around. What are the chances that Busty wasn't exposed when she was kidnapped?


Yeah, that robot factory keeps on pumping out new robots and they probably just dump any toxic waste in the nearby village. I'll be sure to include that when/if Busty gets her arms back.


Well, intelligent sex spy slaves might be a good compromise! I know someone who would gladly marry also the 2 copies, just to witness a Busty only threesome!

Anyway, it will be interesting to see Bustys reaction when she will find out about the copies, she will try to get her arms back somehow, especially if the copies should be evil, or she will accept them as a sort of "twins"?


The possibilities are endless!


Or Assassin/Sex Salve's

man in black

Arm thieves!

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