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Prototype 10th Jul 2016, 7:46 PM edit delete

Busty gets herself into even more trouble by insulting a poor tender troll lady.


El Cid

It's true, her cave has had all sorts of visitors... some of them inanimate even!


Jorga is a fully accredited Obstetrician/ Gynecologist and has won awards for her patient care! She was chosen Best OB-GYN 4 times running by Galactic Docs journal!


Jorga clearly doesn't get the respect she deserves!

man in black

Not looking good for Busty


LOL!!!! Hey, Busty...I've put my foot in my mouth also! I once asked a lady...''When is the baby due?'' She scowled, called me ass hole, and told me...''I'm not pregnant.''


I worked with a gut-heavy woman like that once. It was the company my mom worked at (I was still in school). For once I kept my big trap shut. So I didn't get fired and my mom didn't whup the sh!t out of me, which she absolutely would have if she'd heard I'd said something that dumb to a coworker.

The moral is, do what I did, and shut up. That one time as a kid when I did something smart.


Awww.. I see a life long friendship starting, here! :)

logan force

i'm loving jorga! your still the master.

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