Page 12 - Meeting the Baron
Page 12 - Meeting the Baron

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Prototype 13th Aug 2017, 12:17 PM edit delete

This was a good time to touch upon some of the strange adventures Busty has been on in the past. Not knowing the details about Bustys marriage she must quite rightly so appear quite insane.

Thanks for reading and commenting fellow perverts!



Now would be a good time to explain the concept of a "Shotgun Wedding"...when your prospective spouse has an army of killer robots instead of a shotgun. :)


In a lighter note, I can use all my favorite emojis in these comments! YAYYYYYYY!!! 😎


Busty's hubby tried to destroy humanity!!!!! He...ah hell nobody;s perfect!


But his assessment is basically accurate.

El Cid

I figured arrange marriages were just sort of a common thing for these people. Off with her head anyway, I says!


You mean marriage isn't a ploy women use to destroy men they hate? 8-o

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