Page 02 - Dinner time
Page 02 - Dinner time

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Prototype 6th Sep 2016, 1:09 PM edit delete

Here we get to meet one new and one old character. Quimby is Busty's (and the readers) link to this new world and will here and there explain more about Baron Space face. Those who have read all the older (and crappier) pages will remember that Space Face is originally not a robot, but some kind of energy being who can possess or take over other beings. I'll try my best to bring this up, explain and put focus on that further in the story.

The post-bot is a returning character that showed up years ago in the third episode. It's not THE post-bot but another one in the same model. He will probably be just as pervy as the other bot was.




Soooo, she is not going to be his wife but a slave pet to show?


Yeah, I think that is definitely a possibility. A mix of pet and trophy wife.


Nothing wrong with having a trophy wife! I know Busty is just thrilled though lol


Okay, not sure what's in that food dish... but ew, lol. The mail robot is quite cute! Will be interesting to see what he has for her.


Purina human chow. Good stuff. The Army calls it MREs. They even poured it into a dish for her. Considerate of them.

El Cid

That doesn't even look like food. Maybe it was food, once upon a time?


We're going to have to talk about the food. ;)

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