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Page 01 - A Space Face World

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Prototype 30th Aug 2016, 8:04 PM edit delete

Here we go. Episode 6. The story pretty much picks up from where it last left off. Here Busty, now married to galactic villain Baron Space face, has arrived on her new home planet. The wedding night festivities are about to start.

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That Baron Space Face sure knows how to make a honeymoon magical!


Lol, I imagined the water bottle as one of those that hangs from the side of a hamster cage. Awesome looking page. :) Looking forward to the story.


It's good to see Busty, again! Great page and looking forward to more!!


It's important to stay hydrated.


And there's a wheel if she needs some exercise to keep that girlish figure .


I really prefer this style of yours, with the thick shading and texture. It surely takes more effort, but it looks fantastic. Spaceface's disdain of humans and the water/food dishes ! HAHAHA! Agree with Gene; I picture a hamster's water bottle

ps Busty looks RAVISHING on this page! For a grubby human, that is...

El Cid

This looks promising so far for her. Does she get to keep the gown?

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