5-81 - A good ending. Maybe.
5-81 - A good ending. Maybe.

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Prototype 16th May 2015, 5:36 PM edit delete

And that is the end of this story which has been going on for way too long. I hope you all enjoyed it.

The original idea for this page was for Bud to appear as Busty started to melt, but I think it's funnier now that Busty never gets to know the melting danger she was in. In her eyes Bud remains a messed up root obsessed pervert.

The next story arc, if I make it, will take place on Space face's home planet where Busty must get used to the life as a rich baroness on a strange world. Meanwhile Amy is in charge of a new team at the space police as they face a new powerful (and perverted) enemy.

But first I will take a little break, and after that I'm thinking of doing some shorter sex based stories featuring Busty on untold adventures from her past. That could be fun.



Like shorts with busty and the doctor?


Yes, that is one I'm gonna do. :)


A truly worthy ending, great job dude!


Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it! :D


Hey guys, lets take a minute to appreciate the artist. He's been doing this Baron Space Face storyline since August 6th 2009.

Thanks for the free smut for all of these years.


Thanks Mr Guest. Yeah, crazy that I've worked on this storyline for so long.

logan force

loved it! your the master of epic sleaze.


Bud is awasome


"But here's what really happened:" A Clue ending! Well done, sir.

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