5-78 - A bright and busty future
5-78 - A bright and busty future

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Prototype 18th Apr 2015, 12:58 PM edit delete

As pointed out by a reader on the previous page, things haven't exactly gone very well for the females of this story.

Sure while Busty is now “happily” married she probably doesn't have an extremely bright future ahead of her either. (that is if she even survives the whole melting business of course.)

NEXT PAGE: Has Wiggy finally been exposed for the murderous creep that he is?


logan force

classic wiggy


Busty just can't catch a break!


Wait... Wiggy is a he? With how fashionably dressed and obsessed with BSF i always thought he was a she..


It's true. If a robot can be a he then Wiggy is a he that wants to be a she.

Wiggy wears a wig created from Bustys hair( hairs stolen gradually from her head while sleeping).

Wiggy also sometimes likes to dress up in a fancy dress and jewellery, but don't we all.


You have very valid points there, but you left out the whole "murdering people who cross the ones we love" bit.

Who doesnt every now and then?


Ha-ha. yes indeed. :D


ant wait for bustys ass wrecking


Next update?

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