5-72 - Wedding Dreams
5-72 - Wedding Dreams

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Prototype 21st Mar 2015, 2:37 PM edit delete

Amy remains a romantic and is as loyal to her blob man as ever. Remains to be seen if such a wedding would really be such a great idea.

On this page Baron Space face says "I DO" and on the next on it is Bustys turn. Will she say "I do" also?



Is "Loyal to her man as ever" code for "She totally did her boss & best friend just before this wedding"?


Ha-Ha yes. The loyal part is sketchy to say the least. :)

The way I see it is that she promised to return to the blob man after the mission and that is what she will do. The being true and loyal starts then I guess.

Thanks for the comment!

logan force

wedding season! beth and I have been planning ours as well. looking forward to seeing this!


"Hey, I can't be expected to predict the future, now can I?!?


Ahhh! It would be a horrible idea, Amy! Give the vertebrates a chance! Much as Gene's fun to watch, he's awful! Dump him...or flush him! The upshot is, he won't even notice! Knowing that charismatic rascal, he's got another gal already...


get that prenup signed quick.


It's a lovely setting. Great work. The wedding night will be interesting.

El Cid

Why buy milk when you can marry the cow?


*sniff* I always cry at weddings...I imagine busty is, too...

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