5-62 - Shower Talking
5-62 - Shower Talking

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Prototype 2nd Nov 2014, 10:36 PM edit delete

This whole conversation was gonna take place in the same setting as the previous page, outside city hall, but things were getting really, really talky and stale so the only reasonable thing to keep reader attention was to move the scene to a shower with naked people. Absolutely nothing in the actual dialogue has changed, they just talk naked. In the shower. This comic is anything but classy.

November is a busy work month for me so Busty Solar will take a short break and be back in December. See you all then fellow perverts!



I'm glad people still shower in the future instead of taking some lame "shower pill".

logan force

shower! you are the true master of space sleaze my friend. can't wait for the wedding!


When are the new pages going to get here? Will they be in time for Christmas? Will Busty wear a sexy Santa dress? Inquiring minds want to know! :)

Been a while
It's nearly Xmas snd you haven't updated. Early vacation? :)

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