5-59 - Space President
5-59 - Space President

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Prototype 12th Oct 2014, 5:49 PM edit delete

Another not very super exciting page, but it does take us one step closer to the incredible twist that will happen on the NEXT page. This twist will either be extremely shocking or extremely underwhelming depending on your preferences. I'm guessing on the latter.

On this page we can also see some of my not very subtle satire that happens now and then throughout the comic. The world of Busty Solar is clearly divided into classes where poor people and aliens are openly treated like scum. Classy!



yup! this is art at its best, intellectually engaging, pushes barriers, but most important of all teaches us so much about our vomitingly ugly selves!


ha-ha yes. Busty Solar is that kind of comic. :)

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