5-51 - Goodbye Master Wack
5-51 - Goodbye Master Wack

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Prototype 22nd Jun 2014, 9:03 PM edit delete
If you've been reading this comic for a while you will know this is a running joke that's been done a whole bunch of times throughout the comic. Master Wack just doesn't think Amy is very pretty. If he really thinks so or if he says that for some other reason is anyones guess.

The tricky part was to not make it appear as just mean spirited and cruel. I think in the end it's kinda funny with Amys expression there, but the setting with the rising sun and the tears and all that, makes it a bit sketchy. But still funny. Maybe.



I think that Master Wack is just fucking with her...in all senses of the word. :D


what an asshole...no pun intended

Mr. Whatever

Consistent, he died like he lived. .. calling her "ugly".


Nope, he's just blind. He navigates (well, navigated) by the power of Ass.

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