5-30 - Watching Ivy
5-30 - Watching Ivy

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Prototype 13th Jan 2014, 1:43 PM edit delete

You may remember the character Ivy from the beginning of this story. She kinda lost a purpose for appearing and as such has been absent for a long time. Thanks to Wiggy she is now back and ready to be framed for murder. Hurray! More on this on the next page.

Designing hot female characters can be tricky as you generally go for your own preferences and as such end up with all women looking the same except for maybe their hair color. If you like big boobs (and who doesn't?) every female character will have big boobs. It's just how things generally goes.

On this page I tried to re-design Ivy a bit by giving her some slightly different features other than just red hair. Here she's got button nose, sharp chin and freckles and somewhat smaller boobs to mix things up. It's not perfect but it's something to work with.

In other news, check out this mini review video of Busty Solar that originated on the "Drunk Duck" podcast.




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