5-21 - War in the city
5-21 - War in the city

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Prototype 4th Sep 2013, 10:17 AM edit delete
Busty Solar really isn't an action comic as such. It is mainly just people talking and doing weird stuff. But now and then it is fun to set the scene for what is going on in a bigger picture. Here we have the space police doing battle with the Robots and the monster.

As we are getting closer to the battle Amy must somehow defeat that big monster. But without the "cyber-plug" that was destroyed a while ago, how will she be able to do that?



This comic has been fun, looking forward to future episodes


Are you going to add more? Or was that the final chapter (as you stated on page one of the beginning of this)?


Oh, the story will continue shortly. This was just a dramatic cliffhanger. There are plenty of pages left before this story ends. :)


That's awesome. I'm looking forward to my spiders :)

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