5-17 - Robot clothes
5-17 - Robot clothes

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Prototype 25th Jul 2013, 5:44 PM edit delete
Back with Busty and her team we find that they are building some rather fancy new clothes from the various Robot debris. Bradford even found a barrel that seems to fit quite nicely.

As for the whole root insertion thing, find out next page if that will successful.



Busty looks pretty hot in robot armor. Like a big titted Valkyrie.

logan force

I'm "rooting" for her.


Busty's wonderful assets aside, I really dig your art, your tones and colors and effects, but keep forgetting to say this.


Something tells me she'd be fine with that, radiation or not!

Grey Garou

Here's her choices, a carrot up her ass or her skin falling off her flesh (for starters). Methinks sodomy would be far less of the two evils.

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