5-15 - Love, Honour and Slugs
5-15 - Love, Honour and Slugs

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Prototype 24th Jun 2013, 6:58 PM edit delete

Yeah, that blob is not coming to Amy's rescue any time soon. He's apparently got more important stuff to do.



good to have busty back!


I'm loving this comic. It's been a lot of fun reading it so far. I'd like to make a request please. Can the girls run into space spiders at some point? I'd love to see one or both of them wrapped up in web and pounded relentlessly. You'd make me a very happy reader if you did that. Thank you for all of your hard work in doing these.


Thanks for reading and for the suggestion. I can definitely put that into the comic at some point. Will most likely be in the next episode though as the current story is about to wrap up.


Cool thank you. I'm really looking forward to webbed up Amy. All helpless as she's brutally assulted by spiders. This'll be awesome.

logan force

by author, duh!

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