5-09 - It's a deal?
5-09 - It's a deal?

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Prototype 5th Mar 2013, 4:16 PM edit delete
As you may remember, on a previous page Busty received a nasty dose of radiation that, unknown to her, will shortly start to melt her body.

Bud and Bradford hid this truth to her and here they are now trying to discretely find a cure. However are they willing to pay the extremely steep price to obtain this cure?



I wonder what she does with all the clothes - she certainly doesn't wear them!

Grey Garou

Well, they're gonna have to. We can't have Busty resmebling a snowman in August. Otherwise you might have to change the title to "Blob Busty".

logan force

wooo! healing root. cant wait to see this. this is the greatist.


But, where will Bud "hide his hands"?

I'm sure they're heroic enough to sacrifice their clothes for her sake.

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