5-05 - Bathtub buddy
5-05 - Bathtub buddy

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Prototype 6th Jan 2013, 10:36 PM edit delete
A strange alien creature falling through the roof in her bathtub. I guess that is as good a way to defeat a killer robot as any.

The aliens name is Clawdia Pincher and she is from the the comic "Sleazy Space Saga."
A comic that everyone should read. It is very educational.


Grey Garou

Hm, I guess that's one way to get in a guest appearance.

logan force

holy crap it's clawdia! it's weird that we accidently syncronized cross over pages today.


Freaky coincidence indeed! Clawdia will stay for a whole bunch of pages so it's gonna be some fun stuff coming up. :)

logan force

nice. i'm excited!


haha, that was unexpected.


"Very educational" - I feel smarter already!


CanĀ“t wait for the next one!

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