5-04 - A tiny distraction
5-04 - A tiny distraction

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Prototype 3rd Jan 2013, 3:33 PM edit delete

Bud is easily distracted and Busty is easily angered. Not sure what was going on under that robe but it has gotten Busty in a lot of trouble. Find out next page just how badly everyone will be slaughtered.

Also have you seen the Busty Solar motion comic? If not please do.
LINK: Busty Solar Motion Comic Preview



The moment Busty saw that probe, she knew what was coming next!

Damn it Bud, indeed.


More like a large, pulsing, throbbing distraction! Take your time, Bud, no hurry!

logan force

robots must have cool comunication stations. with giant knobs, and input slots. and here i am walking around with a cell phone like an idiot.

Grey Garou

Hooboy, can you imagine the inscription on her tombstone?

"Here Laid...Here Lies Busty Solar
Fucked To Death By A Damaged Robot Who Mistook Her For a Radio While Her Droopy-Cheeked Comrade Faped Under His Robe"

Better bury her in cement.

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