5-03 - What's the frequency Busty?
5-03 - What's the frequency Busty?

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Prototype 30th Dec 2012, 11:09 PM edit delete

With Bradford knocked out and Busty trapped, and at the mercy of a nipple twisting killer robot, their last hope is unfortunately Bud. Is this his moment to shine and could this be the way to finally win Busty's respect and love?

While you wait to find how that goes, check out the saucy Busty Solar motion comic I did. It's short but neat.

LINK: Busty Solar Motion Comic Preview



Excellent job on both the comic and the animation-were you able to utilize comic art for the animation or did you have to make an entire new batch to puppet for the animation?


I used mostly old art but some new stuff/additions here and there. It is a bit fiddly dividing up the artwork but pretty fun and rewarding to see it moving around. :)

Grey Garou

Whoa, Busty may really have to kick him in the junk!


Will be fun to see what will happen next, this page offers quite a few options as to what can happen.

Love the page =)

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