4-83 - His delicate nutsack
4-83 - His delicate nutsack

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Prototype 19th Nov 2012, 4:56 PM edit delete
I would think that if you got big boobs you'd be accidentally boobing people and knocking things over all the time. I wouldn't really know, but it is a qualified guess.

Unfortunately I need to continue my break time so this page will serve as a juicy cliffhanger until I can return with more regular updates. Hopefully soon. See you then fellow perverts.


Grey Garou

Knocking over a TV with her boobs? Whoa.


Ouch! Poor Bradford.
I'll check back later for updates, keep being awesome =)

logan force

my nutsack is my tuffest feature.


I feel for Bradford, but that could have happened to anyone with titanic bazungas barely constrained by skimpy elasticated material.

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