4-82 - Don't worry
4-82 - Don't worry

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Prototype 15th Oct 2012, 10:12 AM edit delete
To be honest I was originally gonna ignore the whole radiation business and just go on with the story. But then I thought it could turn into a neat side plot later on.

...And as such I have just doomed Busty to a potential melty and painful death I have no idea how to save her from. I really should think these things through more.


logan force

cure all root.


Ha-ha! Well I guess that is it. A trip to planet Antidotia is in order. :)

Grey Garou

And here I thought you'd send her to Panacea. If she does melt, will she need extensive plastic surgery? Or perhaps turn her into a cyborg sexbot?


I called it! battle armor is nuclear blast proo.... oh wait nvm


Just found this comic and I love it, awesomeness from page one and forward.


Thanks a bunch fellow pervert. Glad you enjoy the strange soup I'm cooking up for you all. :)

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