4-81 - Hold on
4-81 - Hold on

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Prototype 8th Oct 2012, 10:11 AM edit delete
Bud had only the best of intentions I'm sure. After all it can't be very efficient to run with those ballons bouncing all over the place.

It didn't help much though as the shockwave sent Busty and her team flying into an apartment building.



Well done, Bud! Definitely worth a vote.


Way to go, Bud!

Grey Garou

Damn, that is the most scientific excuse I've ever read to cop a feel. And what other erotic comic has big boobs and nuclear explosions?


Bud is trying is best, but I think his hands are too tiny to get the job done properly.

logan force

nice, i like the backgrounds.


well played Bud .... well played

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