4-79 - Do robots dream of boobs?
4-79 - Do robots dream of boobs?

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Prototype 23rd Sep 2012, 7:23 PM edit delete
While every other robot seems to want nothing more than to become more human and being able to love, Baron Space Face want non of it. To him humanity and love is disgusting.

Yet here we find him again; day-dreaming of boobs and generally feeling sorry for himself. How is all this going to end?



I, Like Space Face....dream of boobs.

Grey Garou

There seems to be two kinds of guys, those who like boobs, and those who won't admit it.


"Of course, truthfully, I can't smile at all, because my head is made of metal, but that's beside the point right now..."

Ahh, romance!


*dreamy* Boooobs .... yees . boooobs.

Oops... space face moment there

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