4-78 - Nuke it good
4-78 - Nuke it good

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Prototype 16th Sep 2012, 12:38 PM edit delete
In the future everything is expensive it seems. That should take care of that squadron of robots though.

Question is what will happen when that shockwave hits Busty and her team? Will they survive? Will Busty loose a lot of her clothes in the blast? Let's hope it is both.


Grey Garou

I think her losing clothing in that blast is by far the least of her worries.


hmmmm...looks like the robot problem has been taken care of!

logan force

nice upskirt


4-53 Gear Up "Constructed a special battle costume for use in the HEAT of battle" little do we know that its a heat resistant battle suit that can easily shrug off a nuclear blast, however, Bradford and the others are likely fucked, hard.

Fistus Maximus

poor eddie... why do you always have him die?
at least make him survive this.
and make him the new kenny.

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