4-71 - A slimy kind of love
4-71 - A slimy kind of love

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Prototype 20th Jun 2012, 6:58 PM edit delete

Amy and Gene's strange romance continues but I don't think it is going very well. Romancing can be tricky as we all know and Gene isn't exactly an expert on the subject.

Still he tries his best. Find out next page if that will be enough.



Amy shouldn't have said "I don't know"

(not sure if anyone will get that joke...)


Hmmm, well I didn't get it anyway. :/

Grey Garou

Making love to that protoplasmic Casanova is like Jell-O wrestling. She actually expected romance? I think a plastic tarp would have served this carnal liason much better.


An old skit comedy on Nicelodeon called "You Can't Do That On Television", kind of a "Saturday Night Live" for kids. One of the running gags was if someone said "I don't know" for any reason they got a bucket of green slime dumped on their head.

I was hoping someone would get the reference :P


ha-ha yeah now I get it.
I think I have actually seen some clip from that show.


Obviously, she needs to re-think her definition of "romance".


Nice...made me laugh.

Fistus Maximus

well, gene definitely got some skill there.

i'm jealous. if i could do that, my relationship might be a little more "lively", if you know what i mean....

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