4-68 - Zoom out betrayal
4-68 - Zoom out betrayal

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Prototype 3rd Jun 2012, 12:10 PM edit delete

I feel it is important to switch between scenes and characters pretty often to remind everyone that a full blown robot invasion is going on. Especially since Amy has a tendency to drift away and stop focusing on the actual mission.


Grey Garou

Sheese. Every robot built should either have the Three Laws of Robotics imprinted on their CPU's or self-destruct devices. It seems every time humanity builds enough robots, the damn things go haywire


love the incentive
Amen to that Grey ^^
But then look how much good it did in IRobot :P
On reflection it does make you glad that the gunbots the Armed Forces use are just RC cars on steroids.... with guns

If Gene got Amy pregnant would she give birth to jelly beans? Maybe silly putty?

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