4-67 - The shape of my blob
4-67 - The shape of my blob

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Prototype 27th May 2012, 3:32 PM edit delete

A blob's life isn't an easy one as I hope this comic has educated you on. Being the constant target of dungeon explorers is for one a traumatic experience. This is of course a wink to the numerous games with blobs in them. Probably most famously the Zelda games.

Now, I rarely do cultural references. I feel a comic should exist in it's own universe and repeated call outs to current products or events takes you out of that place. It can also date a comic quite terribly of you start mentioning the latest movie or game in there.

It is also a danger that the reader might not even know what crap you are trying to wink at and it all just turns into a big confusing mess.

Of course this author comment was posted on a page where a blob has a massive erection, so my opinions might be of questionable value.



A look of horror, or anticipation? Only time will tell. :)

Another super vote incentive!

Comic or Die

If you use timeless cultural references, then you should find it doesn't date the comic greatly/at all.

Heck, an in-joke in my main strip is seeing how many refrences to pacman or pacman shaped objects I can cram in there. About a 1/5th of the strips have one in somewhere. If you don't make the refrences the main focus, it should be fine.

Grey Garou

On cultural references, I tend to err on the side of caution. Especially with the short attention span of many readers these days. I put nothing in that isn't a part of history, and even indirectly with that. I can see cutural references for gag-a-day comics, but for an ongoing story, they shouldn't be needed. Not that putting them in there is bad...my opinion is that they're just unnecessary.


Love tge vote incentive. I would totally make it my iPod wallpaper but... You know

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