4-63 - Heartbreaker
4-63 - Heartbreaker

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Prototype 8th Apr 2012, 11:14 AM edit delete
Poor Jelly Gene. Just as we got to know a little more about him he exposes his heart and unintentionally kills himself. ( I think there is a metaphor in there somewhere.) Anyway, know that he went out as a true suffering artist and there is comfort and respect in that.

Thanks to everyone commenting. Makes me know that people out there like and enjoy this silly little comic.



Shame -- funny guy! -- but a chuckleworthy way to go. What's she gonna do now?!


1. Point and laugh at dead green blob
2. Awwwwww.... gene died
3. Why do blobs need hearts?
4. That dumbass...
5. Amy hasn't gotten fucked in awhile...
6. green guy died? sorry i was staring at tits

Grey Garou

You've got one of the most twisted senses of humor in erotic comics I've seen, and I envy you for it!


LoL. I had a feeling something like that would happen, but I have to agree with #5--Amy hasn't gotten fucked in awhile...:3

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