Page 129 - Above and below
Page 129 - Above and below

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Prototype 2nd Apr 2012, 8:52 AM edit delete
Here Bradford is revealed as, not that shockingly, an actual mental psycho. We also take the long way down into the dirty sewers again to see what Gene and Amy are up to.

This page is a bit different as you may notice. I think webcomics are often intimidated by our paper cousin. We try to make our comics as close to a normal paper issue as possible with format and length, when we in fact should embrace the stuff WE can do better. Such as longer pages and, in this case, a bit of a effects thing. I thought it was kinda peachy. What do you think dear reader?



Very nicely done, which I would have said even if you hadn't asked. :)


Neat trick with the long blur. I quite agree playing around with the "infinite canvas" available to webcomics. Not many artists do take advantage of it.

Grey Garou

I do agree with your initial sentiment of keeping foundation traditions of printed comics, and with using the digital medium to enhance the visual effects of art. But embracing the digital side with a specific purpose in mind. To me, that would be to enhance the storytelling ability of the art. I've seen many examples of people using digital effects in all sorts of art in what seems just for the sake of it, or I would guess to "modernize" their art. At worst, digital can be a crutch and an excuse to ignore the basics of sequential art and storytelling. I'm not accusing you of any of that, I think the blur effect was a nice touch and shows keen awareness of your digital environment. I am all for embracing the advantages of modern technology in comics, as long as it enhances the classic ability to tell a good story.


That long fall made me feel a little nauseous. Let's do it again!

Fistus Maximus

the blur effect was a pretty cool idea, i have an excellent effect out of it due to my mouse, which has a setting which lets me scroll down smoothly instead of step by step.

thumbs up!


I was browsing your comic on a smartphone, held sideways and zoomed so the sides of the comic image match the sides of the screen. The pan effect worked perfectly for me! Well done!

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