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Prototype 7th Mar 2016, 11:16 AM edit delete

The spider romancing continues and things start to get really hot, steamy and a bit crowded.

Magmos was originally going to be a hired goon to a main spider villain called Queen Venusta, but I never got any character design to work. It all turned into a clich├ęd half spider, half woman design and wasn't very fun to draw. As such Magmos became the main villain in the story and i think it became more interesting that way.



I think you made the right choice with Magmos; the spider-woman thing has been done to death, and we haven't had a decent fire-based villain in while. :)


I agree completely. The turn of events that have led to here have been great. The villain is funny and the spider encounter is awesome. Many thanks sir!


Great! That's good to hear! :D


Yeah, even those spiders are typical even compared to human males...They spend the first part of their lives inside of a woman, and their entire adult lives trying to get back into one.


Ha-ha!!! yes that is very true! :D

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