4-57 - Green Blobs Burden
4-57 - Green Blobs Burden

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Prototype 4th Mar 2012, 11:35 AM edit delete
Those of you that were hoping for some hot "human on blob SEX action" here got brutally cheated on that sadly. Instead you got some "human on blob CARRYING action" which doesn't have the same kind of flare, but it will do for now.

On the next page we will check on Busty again and see what she and her useless team is up to.


logan force

hee hee, wait... I was cheated.


wouldn't it be "blob on human CARRYING action" o.O :D


...this is true. :)


I have finally found a comic that caters to my fetish - blob carrying. Yeah, that's some gooood carrying right there.

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