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Prototype 9th Jan 2018, 8:54 PM edit delete
While the robot army saved Busty from being skinned, the alien creeps managed to chop of her arms. This is all very unfortunate.

Where are Busty's lost arms and did some alien creep manage to escape? It's a mystery.



Who needs arms anyway...

Well it's only her arms. Its not like she's only a disembodied head or something.

Not as 'well' as you thought

That's so unfair. He has an army and she is not army at all anymore...


Ha-Ha, Ouch! Good one. 😄


Oh, Busty everybody needs a hand from time to time. Don't be embarrassed.

Yay, Busty's back! Minus her arms, but still... 😍

Stupid robot, don't you know that it's easier to wreck some one's ass when they can hold their own ass cheeks back for you?


This is true. Baron Space Face has a lot to learn.

That's quite the tidy resolution! Not perfect, but at least she still has most of her skin!

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