Page 335 - Goblin Splash
Page 335 - Goblin Splash

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Prototype 21st Nov 2021, 5:17 PM edit delete

So apparently those goblins have some kind of secret club where they contact each other and jerk off together. It's all rather strange but there you go.

In this episode of Busty Solar I have, as you may have noticed, done the "liquid stuff" as part of the artwork rather than added later as a computer element. It has its ups and downs but generally i like how it looks. What do you think?


"Liquid Stuff"
"It has its ups and downs" think the Goblins feel the same way, scratching your head that much will make your hand tired. its like putting icing on the cake, I think it looks just fine.


If the goblins damage their wrists during their fancy jerk off meetups i bet they report it as a workplace injury. Those bastards.


I just noticed the little detail in panel 3, where Busty is trying to get another taste of "special sauce". I'd have to say she doesn't have a real problem with being covered with it. Get her a sign that says "Bukkake R Us" or something. She's really beginning to look like a proper glazed donut!

Maybe it's just my computer, but I can't really tell the difference in appearance of that sauce. Go with whatever's easiest - the artwork is great! (disclaimer: I can't even make proper stick figures for a game of Hangman.)


Busty has a constant hunger these days. Next page is gonna get even messier.
You can check out THIS older page to see the difference in the sauce more clearly.


OK, yep, that IS a definite difference. it's like a pattern overlay? Not sure if it looks more real or not - I guess it depends on who's generating the sauce as to how thick it gets. I'm a little scared, though - is Busty going to end up looking like Pizza the Hutt from Spaceballs, the movie?


I don't know how many goblins are on that space station, but I imagine it's about to get REALLY messy in there! Busty needs to start cleaning that shit up!

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